WhatsApp Chat Without Saving Number

How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Unknown Number

Start WhatsApp chatting with any number without saving them on your mobile contact list. It saves lots of time when you want to chat only once.

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how to send WhatsApp message without adding contact

Everytime you want to send a message to an unknown number only once, but you are frustrated by saving the number into your contact list every time before start chat with that person on WhatsApp.

On this page we provide you with a simple tool. You can start chatting on WhatsApp with any number without saving it to your contact list. It will save your contact list with an unuseful number. Just follow simple steps to start chat.

  • Provide a mobile number(with country code) with whom you want to chat
  • Input message you want to send them. This step is an option. You can also send a message later.
  • Click Start Whatsapp Chat button. It will redirect you to a WhatsApp app.

Does this tool work on the Desktop ?

This tool works only where Whatsapp software is installed, so if you have installed WhatsApp on the Desktop it will work.

Do i Need to Install any Software ?

You just have Whatsapp installed on your device. You don't want any other software, our tool works on webpages.

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